CorusaMiguel LautaroAVIOR

Tension of Time

Melodic House & Techno
Tension of Time


After more than two years of collaboration we're very happy to announce this release by our Friends from the Zurich; Corusa and Miguel Lautaro. This EP is more than just outstanding, it refines the basic idea behind Melodic Techno. With "Sensitivity", the first track of the EP, they created a perfect mix of melancholy, interchanging synthetic melodies, percussions and trancy breaks. Furthermore with "Tension of Time" a real bomb has been created; pumping baselines, soft synth melodies meeting a perfect drum line - an essential tune for the dancefloor. With Avior's remix of "Tension of Time" we'll include a re-interpretation of Corusa & Miguel Lautaro's idea behind the original track, following their initial thoughts but curated with even more experimental melodies.

Cover artwork designed by Fabio Russo

Mastering by Roberto Romero at Right Peak Level

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